Sílvia Bayo

I was born in Barcelona in 1978, where I trained in painting and illustration at the school of applied arts and artistic trades “La Llotja”. For years I participated in exhibitions in halls and bars of the city. I have illustrated stories, brochures, signs for locals, wall paintings in houses, bars and caravans.

Ten years ago I left Barcelona and after visiting several places I settled in Tarragona, in the countryside, to be in contact with nature, which is my main source of inspiration, together with the influences of artists such as Frida Khalo, Egon Shiele, Boticelli, painters romantics, the neo-Gothic and fantastic illustration, the pre-Columbian art, the mythology of different cultures and other foods for sight and soul.

I work mixing different materials, of which many are recycled, such as wood, magazines, books with scientific illustrations, remains of haberdashery. I use different techniques: paint, graphite and colored pencil, markers, collage, to create pieces of bright and intense colors with which I want to capture the strength and joy of Nature that in its perpetual cycle of death creates life and more lifetime.

All the pieces are unique even if the motifs are repeated. The buyers thus acquire exclusive pieces.

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