Michael Kelly

Mike Kelly. English passport. A Scottish mother and Irish father, born in Germany in 1976. lives and travels: England, Israel, Italy, Spain. He currently resides in La Selva del Camp.
Self-taught, he begins in sculpture carving pebbles. Ancient symbols, fossil appearance, containers of an attractive to the touch: pieces all loaded with a strong magnetic symbolism.

He comes into contact with the jewelry shop of the Massana School (Barcelona) in 2008 and from that stage “Fish” and “Landscape” emerge, where semiprecious stones, Calders mobiles and wire are introduced into the artist’s universe. The long walks through the forest, the beach, do the rest: traces of and in a time in shipwreck. Collect, recycle. The remains of the last tide contain the next piece. Light, alive, resurface from the Sea and the imaginary. They flap, rest, stop time. Delicate sculptures transport us to the ephemeral, to the beautiful and to what has always been there, before our eyes.

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